1. Fun, smart, fearless... Thanks for the invite BJ!
  2. Bravo's Master of Guilty Pleasure is a brilliant mix of bubbly fun and razor sharp wit. Mazel Andy!
  3. Lena is pretty much our spirit animal! We all wish we could call it like it is the way she does. Thank you Lena. 👏🏻
  4. Everyone at the Nozzle office is pretty much a street teamer for Sky. She's the best kept secret and she should be the worst! What's wrong with people??
  5. Okay, so what if we secretly dream of being bb's with her?
  6. We loved fun., and if you're not up on his new band Bleachers, then you don't know Jack!
  7. We're a sucker for guys who can play the guitar and write songs. And with his bad boy days are behind him he's fun to love again!
  9. We're CLEAN addicts at the office. A blender in every room!
  10. Snoop is on here!! Singlehandedly makes the list app cool.