1. Nicki Minaj graces the September cover of Nozzle and holds nothing back in her smart, fearless interview with our own Lindsay Peck.
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  2. On her unflinching ambition:
    "I put myself here. Again and again. People said 'yah, Nicki, you fine, we see you, you alright,' but I wouldn't stand for that. I made you think I'm a bigger star than I deserve to be, and that takes a powerful woman to pull off."
  3. On her first love, ventriloquism:
    "I wasn't just good, I was f***ing excellent at it. It's like (Minaj chokes up) I don't know where I ended and Chauncey began."
  4. On Drake
    "Drake to me looks like that guy on the box that beard trimmers come in."
  5. On her feud with Taylor Swift
    "We're cool now. We met up in Sweden on her blimp and let's just say things are cool with us, the paperwork was put through and we're friendly and that my friends and the people I love will be safe."
  6. How she began life as a man named Shawn Hewitt:
    "I was selling those little helicopters in the mall food court, and my friend D'Antony said 'you'd make a beautiful woman, and you can rap. You should enter the game as a female.' He was weird but he was right. And so I switched up [sex parts] and two weeks later recorded the Playtime [Is Over] mixtape."
  7. On the criticism over "Anaconda"
    "So what if I want to make a song around a sample of a song that was sampling another song? I thought a snake was a perfect object to represent a butt. It all makes sense when you don't think about it."
  8. She explains why she's on all fours so much
    "I have a really bad fear of heights."