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I have a pretty straightforward name which means I get left out of the whole, "grr, that darn Starbucks never gets my name right," fun. Therefore I have created this list and my imagined reactions.
  1. Micheal
    Aw, darn you Starbucks. You were so close but no, my name doesn't rhyme with teal
  2. Michal
    Yeah, no... My name doesn't rhyme with nickel
  3. Mycoal
    Uh, last time I checked I don't have a monopoly on coal
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I find it easier to discover locations to read than to write though neither can be done just anywhere. Looking to build a list of great places around the world to do both.
  1. The Mill - San Francisco, CA
    A great spot during those in between hours as it can get rather loud. Amazing daily selection of toasts and toppings, Four Barrel Coffee, and their music comes from the warped grooves of records... What could be better?
  1. For your sanity
  2. For my sanity
  3. To be a step closer to realizing your dream of driving a Tesla
    This may require alternate steps including, but not limited to: You getting a new job; Me getting a new job; Us playing the lottery; Us winning the lottery; Us being gifted a Tesla.
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