Inspired by @BWN_7 @joemurphy @ease @angela3950 @Boogie @k8zinker @jennifer1482 @jennifergster and 28 others at this point. I had to be requested this because I wouldn't have done it on my own.
  1. Playing with dogs. 🐶
  2. Turning household items into smoking apparatuses.
  3. Cleaning.
    I feel like I mention this way too often.
  4. Petting dogs. 🐶
  5. Baking. Both with and without "special ingredients".
  6. Super Tecmo Bowl
    I'm the Raiders! Bo!!!!! (Did I play a game just to take a picture for this list? Yes I did)
  7. Laundry.
    I need my clothes to be super soft and super clean, so I learned how to do that. 👍🏼
  8. Shopping at Michael's
    Except they just moved everything, so I was kinda lost last weekend.
  9. Mowing.
    I do most of my street, and it looks quite good.
  10. Cutting shit.
    That was Monday's project. I only took the picture because I liked how the saw was smoking for minutes after I finished. Coincidentally, so was I.
  11. Breaking cars.
    I'm on #16, I think.
  12. Smashing my leg on the coffee table.
  13. Cutting my own hair.
    That's just a lie. I need to start paying someone. The mess isn't worth it.
  14. Following rules.
    I'm really out of things to say, but I have to have 15. Wow I'm awful.
  15. Thanking y'all for reading my nonsense!
    If you've made it this far, you're a better person than me. 😁