Inspired by @andersun & @kiraandlulu and everyone else. These are just my opinions of the shows that I've seen. Individual results may vary.
  1. #1 - Married...With Children
    Pretty damn close to real life around here in the 80's and 90's. The only difference was that my grandparents owned a shoe store, but my dad didn't work there.
  2. #2 - ER
    Young Clooney. You're Welcome.
  3. #3 - The League
    You really don't have to be a football fan to get a shit-ton of laughs out of this show.
  4. #4 - Happy Endings
    Other than Adam Pally being one of my favorite stoners, the cast and writing were fantastic.
  5. #5 - Family Matters
    I can still sing the whole theme song!
  6. #6 Roseanne
    The Roseanne character was my mom's hero. I'm living proof that was not a good thing. 😂
  7. Honorable Mention- The Dick Wolf Collection.
    Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Chicago PD, Chicago Justice, Chicago Sanitation, Chicago Construction, Chicago Law & Order, Chicago Parking Attendant.
  8. I don't watch The Good Wife or any of the other dramas, sorry.
    I didn't even add Punky Brewster even though Soleil Moon Frye has the same birthday as me.
  9. Thanks for reading!
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