5 for 5-Ted Talks I Wish Existed

Requested by @mnickwrites. Full disclosure: I've only seen a handful of Ted Talks, so this might be terrible. 😕
  1. The Brain - Taking over the world in 500 easy steps.
  2. Gob Bluth - Fixing huge mistakes with magic.
  3. Mario - Plumbing, princesses, politics, brothers, and blue shells.
  4. Arya Stark - How a girl with no name can discover her true self and make a badass pie.
  5. Yoda - Doing, not trying.
  6. Bonus: Archer (my dog) - The importance of stuffing removal in today's economy.
  7. I'm pretty sure I messed this up 😕
    Thanks for reading if you made it to the end!