But can it really be random if I chose them?
  1. My dog Archer with my daughter's Beymax snowman.
    There is an Archer list in the works of course.
  2. Blackhawks backup goalie Scott Darling back when he played here for the Rockford Icehogs
    I'm working on a hockey list too. Just trying to figure out what direction to go with it
  3. The Vic theater in Chicago. Unfortunately some ass-clown parked right there and wouldn't move.
    Taken in November when I saw Jim Jeffries there. Hilarious show & great crowd.
  4. The black squirrel that lives in my yard.
    His name is Floyd now.
  5. The Badger statue outside of Camp Randall Stadium in Madison WI.
    I took my dad to the VA hospital up there for a procedure, so I walked around the campus while I waited. Also I freakin' love the Badgers.
  6. Relisting an old list.