Ranked by how likely they would be to cause a Vasovagal Attack (fainting). WARNING: DO NO LOOK IF YOU ARE SQUEAMISH!!!!!
  1. 5- Loose tooth
    Sometimes they come out in bunches. Kids can take them out without fainting, so it shouldn't be a problem for an adult.
  2. 4- "Man Zone"
    This is likely to induce some vomiting, but usually doesn't cause a loss of consciousness. The doctor will probably recommend putting frozen peas on it, and no "Heimlich" for a few days. See list for reference: 5 things that make me feel Alive!
  3. 3- Sore Forearm
    Much worse than a sore shoulder! Probably not a good idea to go to the doctor. They're going to want to put it back in place, which is highly likely to cause a Vasovagal Attack. Just put some Neosporin on it. You'll be alright.
  4. 2- Twisted ankle
    I would say just walk it off, but that doesn't seem doable. This one is going to need medical attention for sure. Chance of fainting, around 75%
  5. 1- Sore Jaw
    The doctor will probably want you to come in to remove the blade. There's almost zero chance that anyone makes it through that without a full blown Vasovagal Attack. You should really be more careful when you're chopping vegetables.
  6. Bonus: Head
    It appears to be "Dead". No need to go to the doctor. It's not even a problem. Enjoy life!
  7. Static
    Thanks for the request @mnickwrites! Sorry it took so long 😕