If you say "thing" enough, it starts sounding really weird. 🤓 If you actually read this, I'm sorry.
  1. Thing
    This Thing is always willing to "lend a hand".... Thank you Thing ☝🏼
  2. Thing 2
    Very underrated as far as things go. Way cooler than that asshole Thing 1. This Thing uses it's Thing brain.
  3. Thing
    Pro- destroys everything he touches. Con- destroys everything he touches.
  4. Thing 1
    A real shitbag of a Thing. This Thing always takes the last piece of pizza, and this Thing will leave an 'upper decker' in your toilet if you let it use your bathroom 😡💩
  5. Thing
    Obviously the worst of all of the Things. This Thing isn't just any old Thing, this Thing is THE Thing.