Adventures in Cat-sitting 😺

Even though I'm not really a "cat person", they totally dig me for some reason. Naturally when my friends go on vacation, I'm the guy they call to take care of their pets. I hang out with them for a couple hours a day, feed them, and clean those nasty boxes out. This was my most recent experience of hanging out with cats. 😼
  1. This is Rowand
    She's pretty chill. Likes having her neck petted. Dislikes shoelaces.
  2. This is Garland
    Very vocal. Likes meowing, purring, and hissing at Rowand. Dislikes when I say I'm leaving. She lays on my feet for her goodbye belly rub.
  3. I don't think she's supposed to be up there.
    I'm certainly not going to try to get her down though.
  4. Awwww sharing food.
    Even though there's bowls on opposite sides of the room for that.
  5. That escalated quickly!
    My phone wasn't fast enough to properly capture the attack. It was quickly resolved with treats for everyone.
  6. No need for active petting.
    Just hang your arm over the couch and let the cat do the work.
  7. Sure take a nap right there. That's not totally uncomfortable or anything.
    That was after 20 minutes of petting. Which of course meant that I had to vacuum after.
  8. Here comes trouble.
    I'm starting to think there's a bit of an attitude with this one.
  9. Let's take it outside ladies!
    One relaxes on the floor...
  10. ... While the other plans a murder
    I can pay attention to both of them at the same time, but I think this one wants both hands to herself.
  11. Ummm, should I be concerned?
    While preparing the food bowls, I looked up and noticed this. I'm pretty sure she is only keeping me alive for the belly rubs and treats.
  12. The humans will be home soon, so that wraps up the list.
    Thanks for reading!