Inspired by @Dad3 and @Schmidiot
  1. Album Purchased
    First- Weird Al, Polka Party on cassette. Last- Volbeat, Seal the Deal and Let's Boogie on CD.
  2. Professional sporting event attended.
    First- 1984 Wrigley Field. I don't know who the Cubs even played, but I remember I liked Ron Cey because he wore #7, and I was 7 years old, and I loved Mickey Mantle. Needless to say my dad was pretty disappointed that I was a Yankees fan. Last- Either Yankees/White Sox at the Cell in Chicago last year, or one of the Rockford Icehogs games that I went to last year depending on if you count AHL hockey as professional like I do.
  3. Movie attended in a theater.
    First- Empire Strikes Back. Last- The Secret Life of Pets.
  4. Violation of the law.
    Every damn day. I don't remember the first time.
  5. Time you went on a date.
    First- 7th grade. It was a double date to an afternoon movie. I don't remember what movie though. Last- Last Thursday. It was fucking awesome and with an amazing woman. I even got to play with donuts at a fancy restaurant. After that we watched Anchorman. 😎
  6. Travel experienced alone.
    First- Not sure exactly, but I went on a few long road trips right after I got my license. Last- Same thing. I'll be flying solo to Arizona and New York soon though.
  7. Cell phone owned.
    First- One of these things. Made by Qualcomm with PrimeCo service...yikes! Last- My beat up LG G2. I'll get a new one eventually.
  8. Costume you wore for Halloween.
    First- a sheet with holes cut in it. I was a ghost I guess. Last- I have no idea. It's been a really long time.
  9. Time I went skinny dipping.
    Not going to incriminate myself. 😊😊😊
  10. Local