Inspired by @Peace_Out_List
  1. Facebook profile pic:
    Doesn't exist.
  2. Facebook status:
    Also, doesn't exist.
  3. Instagram photo:
    You gotta be shitting me!
  4. Tweet:
    Have you figured out that I'm antisocial yet? I would never be on any of those things.
  5. List profile pic:
    Same as the one I have now, my dog.
  6. List: What The Hell Am I Doing Here?
    What the hell am I doing here?. I think I've almost got it figured out now. 😄
  7. Since I had to scroll through 1122 relists, my second one was @kcupcaker THOSE TIMES I THOUGHT I MIGHT BE ON A HIDDEN CAMERA JOKE SHOW 🏀
  8. ❤️: Of course it was Snoop's "Rules for the Sesh" list 😆
  9. 💾: etiquette 2.0
  10. Follower: The Donald Trump parody account.
    Almost deleted my account until I saw that it was a joke! 😂
  11. Person Followed: Team Coco!
    First non-celebrities followed: @kcupcaker @BWN_7 @HisDudeness
  12. Thanks for getting me to peek out from my shell every now and then, wonderful people of! 😎
    Thanks for reading!