How my dog and I are very similar.

Thanks for the request @kiraandlulu!
  1. We both hate it when the doorbell rings.
    He has to bark at the person that is coming to steal his toys. I just want whoever it is to go away.
  2. We both like football.
    He's more into fetching than watching on the weekends, unless of course there's snacks involved.
  3. We're fascinated with squirrels.
    Not him in this gif, but that's the basic scene at least twice a day around here.
  4. Neither of us will eat the pretzels in Chex mix.
    He's spitting one out in that picture.
  5. It takes both of us forever to pee.
    He has to sniff the yard for ten minutes first. I have the bladder of a camel.
  6. We both hate cameras.
    He seriously wanted to murder me right there. It takes at least a dozen tries to get one decent picture of him. I'm more like Bigfoot, there's no good photos in existence. That's one of his many pillows with the hole in it too.
  7. We both know who's a good boy!