Inspired by @LizDawson who was inspired by Bill Simmons. I tried to resist doing it, but mine's not meant to be taken all. I tried doing it a little different than everyone else, because there's too many good one's out there.
  1. I believe Justin Beiber should be sent back to Canada...
    ... And forced to stay within Justin Trudeau's sight until he learns how to be a real man.
  2. I believe that if this guy is in charge of your country, you're in good hands.
    Meanwhile, we have an orangutan actually getting votes.
  3. I believe that Justin Timberlake should have been a full time cast member of SNL.
    Because he's good at it.
  4. I believe that every rich guy named Justin should give me 7 cents every time someone calls me Justin...
    .. Because this cheap guy needs to buy new clothes. Photo taken, cropped, uploaded, and captioned by my (soon to be grounded to her mom's house) daughter. I think her point is that my shirts fit me like dresses now. Side note: that's my mowing attire, I'm not a total caveman. I only allowed it because the hat and cheap sunglasses hide my stupid face. Which sends me to...
  5. I believe that cheap sunglasses bought at a gas station will always last longer that expensive ones.
    That's just science.
  6. I believe that my crappy phone has stopped letting me upload pictures, so I believe this list is done.
    As always, thanks for reading my nonsense. ✌