Thanks for the LR @Boogie! (Full disclosure, this is my 5th attempt at this because of the no drafts thing...I'm literally going to type whatever pops into my head...please lower any expectations)
  1. Nothing!
    I'm not really exceptional at anything important enough to make me famous.
  2. I would be the most unrecognizable famous person ever.
    I am so forgettable that it is possible that my face has a built in blinky thing from MIB...Ok, gotta start somewhere so I'm not wasting anyone's time...
  3. Maybe something about hoarding puppies? 🐶
    Would collecting all of the puppies make me famous? I don't know, but I'm willing to try.
  4. Stand up comedy watching?
    I'm pretty sure this doesn't even make me likeable, so it's doubtful that it would make me famous.
  5. Garage karate champion!
    I just need a 40 year old step brother to train with.
  6. Race car diver.
    Ok, I'm getting stuck in a Will Ferrel rut that I have to break. Sorry about that.
  7. Ummmm...
  8. King of the squirrels?
    I have enough of them living here. I just need to train them.
  9. Viral video of me dancing like a jackass when I'm cooking.
    That would suuuuck!
  10. Dude, this is really hard without drafts.
    I don't have the attention span to do this well. High fives for all of you brilliant people that can make good lists without saving and walking away. I'll think of something... Fuck it, I'm going back to Will Farrell.
  11. Ice Skating Champion
    I can't skate, but I love hockey. That's close enough right?
  12. ABA star
    Yep, I included Semi-Pro. 😂
  13. Car dealership owner.
    Why not?
  14. Cowbell player/ doctor.
    Giphy downsized medium
    I'll have the cure for "cowbell fever".
  15. Thanks for reading!
    The app feels like it's about to crash on me, so I'm going to go play with my dog now.
  16. Giphy