Kind of inspired by @readjulia and her ringtone list. YOUR RINGTONE AND WHAT IT SAYS ABOUT YOU I'm not a popular fella, and I'm rarely in public. Unless I'm in a movie theater or court, I keep my phone loud enough that I can hear it. These places are dead silent most of the time, so it can be a little surprising, but it usually gets a laugh.
  1. I leave my notifications on all the time so I don't forget that I have a phone. This is my text/notification tone...
    Classic line from a classic movie.
  2. Some places that it's gone off...
  3. In line at the post office.
    It happens all the time there for some reason. Most people are just staring at the floor or the wall there, so they usually chuckle quietly.
  4. In the dentists chair.
    Made him laugh, made me scared. I need your hands steady sir! 😧
  5. In line at the bank.
    Same as post office. Why are these places so quiet?
  6. Veterinarian's office.
    She thought it was hilarious. Luckily there weren't any needles or fingers inside my dog at the time. 😱
  7. Cranky old doctor's office.
    Zero sense of humor on that guy. Also lucky there were no needles or fingers inside me that time. 😷
  8. Shopping with my daughter.
    She gets so embarrassed! It's hilarious 😃 She gets over it when she hears someone laugh at it though. My older kids don't care at all.
  9. New doctor's office.
    It led to a 10 minute chat about Will Farrell and Paul Rudd. Hopefully no patients were waiting after me.
  10. Holiday family gatherings, the only time it's quiet is when everyone is eating.
    My mom hates it, but everyone else 👍
  11. Parent/teacher meetings.
    They understand where my kids get their sense of humor. 😄
  12. That's all that I can remember for now. Thanks for reading!
    If you tap the ❤ it will go off wherever I happen to be at that time. (shameless attempt at self promotion through trickery) 😕 Stay Classy, San Diego 😎
  13. Static