Inspired by @andersun. I thought of his list when I looked outside this morning. LEAF PILES, RAKED
  1. Leaves, unraked
    This is just my dog's play area. I still have to do the rest of my yard, and three of my elderly neighbor's yards. 😞
  2. Leaves, starting to be raked
    Archer likes the small piles.
  3. Leaves, partially raked
    Fetch is way more fun when there's piles of leaves to mess up!
  4. Leaf pile, raked!
    His football is somewhere in there.
  5. It's going to be another leaf-tacular fall!
    Anyone want to help with this shit?!? I'll pay you in weed and cupcakes!
  6. Thanks for reading!
    Obviously this was just a sneaky way to make another list of pictures of my dog. 🐶