If anyone has the answers, please enlighten me.
  1. How many lists are there?
    Is there a counter somewhere? I could Google it, but I'll forget to do it.
  2. How many active users are there?
    Obviously that number changes constantly, but an educated guess would be great to know.
  3. Is li.st paid by Apple to keep the Android version inferior?
    I have both now, and there is a huge difference. Like a really really big difference.
  4. When will my autocorrect finally stop changing li.st to random "li" words?
    Like, little, litter, lipstick, lip, lingo, likely, liked, line, life... These are all words that I type less frequently than li.st, and all came up while making this list. (I think that was just my stupid phone, my new toy isn't doing it. I started this list on android and finished it on iOS.... In that case, see #3)
  5. Where are the li.st servers, or do they just rent cloud space? I would love to know how much storage all this stuff takes up.
    Nerd question, but I'm curious.
  6. Who is REALLY in charge of li.st?
    I can look up the CEO, etc, but I'm curious about who the real puppet master is behind the curtain.
  7. Why is there a maximum number of people you can follow?
    @PeteOnEarth mentioned somewhere that it's 10k. How dare they limit his awesomeness?!