Thanks for the request @mallofamanda! I'm not a comedian (obviously), but I have been watching, listening to, and going to see stand up comedy since I was just a tiny fella, so I have seen or heard almost all of it. My memory is foggy these days, but these are the jokes/performances that I will never forget. In chronological order.
  1. George Carlin - 7 dirty words you can't say on television.
    My parents had a VHS tape of his HBO special George Carlin Again!, which I probably shouldn't have been watching at 7 years old, but I did. This was my introduction to stand up. Luckily my parents had rich friends who could afford HBO and knew how to work a VCR. 😆 The 7 dirty words bit stood out to my immature ears, because I usually only heard that much fast paced profanity at Thanksgiving!
  2. Richard Pryor - Live On The Sunset Strip
    The whole thing. I was around 9 or 10 when I saw this. I didn't understand opening bit when I first saw it, but it became all too real for me just a couple years later. 😂
  3. Eddie Murphy - Delirious - The Ice Cream Man
    ICE CREAAAAM! ICE CREAAAAM! THE ICE CREAM MAN IS COMING! THE ICE CREAM MAN IS COMING! 😂😂😂 Kids these days have no idea what they're missing. "You ain't got no iiiice cream" 😆
  4. Eddie Murphy - Delirious - Uncle Gus and Aunt Bunny
    To this day I still mimic "NOW THAT'S A FIRE!" Every time light a fire. For the record I had Delirious on cassette.
  5. Norm MacDonald - A&E's an Evening at the Improv.
    I watched this show every night before bed when we finally got cable. It was different than what I had seen before with shorter sets and a huge variety of comedians. There were a ton of bad ones, being in the middle of the 80's comedy boom, but Norm's performances always stood out. I would do his bits at school, which usually ended with me being called a moron.
  6. Momo Rodriguez - opening for Carlos Mencia (the tickets were free, don't judge me)
    This dude had me on the verge of tears and self-urination! The YouTube clip doesn't do him justice though. The other highlight of the show was when a super drunk person in the front row threw up on herself, not ten minutes after begging me for cocaine outside during the break. For the record I didn't know her, and I didn't have any.
  7. Comedian unknown, but he was opening for Jeremy Hotz - The Improv Chicago. This one's pretty embarrassing, and doesn't really fit with the others, but I need to call myself out.
    On the way to the Improv several joints were smoked between myself and another fella. (His wife was driving) We got there a little late, but I needed food in a bad way. They were still serving food, so I got some prime rib taquitos...Bad choice. They got to the table right before opening comedian started. They were crunchy as hell and I could feel the comedian's death stares every time I took a bite. I only ate one. 😞 I still feel bad about chewing that one, sorry dude.
  8. Jim Jeffries - The Vic (Chicago) - Bill Cosby
    He opened with about ten minutes on Bill Cosby. Quite a bit was left out of the special by the time he recorded and edited it, but it was brilliant. The whole show was fantastic, and The Vic is a cool ass theater, with lighted alley access for pre-show smoking.
  9. Static
    Ms. Leggero is from the city where I live, and her set was about coming home for a funeral. The Two Wheel Inn that she references is a biker bar that us folks who shower refer to as The Two Tooth Inn. I frequently go to the very small town that she talks about, and am familiar with the people that she's talking about. Then the real shit kicker...Rick Neilsen comes out and starts playing. I've smoked weed with that dude! Most surreal stand-up set I've ever seen, but meaningless to anyone else.😂
  10. Bonus: Future Stand Up Memories
    I need to see Bill Burr, like now. It would be cool to see some of you super funny li.sters too! (I'm too embarrassed to tag them) Maybe we can even convince Mr. Novak to dust off his proverbial mic stand and do it again sometime. 😉
  11. Static
    Thanks again for the LR @mallofamanda! I hope this was 👌🏼