Disclaimer: Everyone's bodies and brains are different. I'm not recommending that you tell your doctor to fuck off, or that you start smoking weed. I'm also totally prepared to be "unfollowed" by the more closed-minded individuals. No hard feelings though, you guys are still cool 😎✌
  1. Once upon a time in many doctor's offices...
    Look, I'm a pretty fucked up guy. I've been diagnosed with all kinds of shit, and I'm not a fan of going to the doctor unless I'm in writhing pain. Note that I didn't say "unless I'm dying". When that happens, I will welcome it with open arms, but I digress...
  2. After years of trying different pill combinations...
    It was decided that I would be taking over 400 milligrams of Seroquel, which is enough to drop an angry elephant. Also in my daily mix were Xanax, Zoloft, and Lunesta.
  3. I was a barely functional zombie.
    But according to the people who supposedly know how to treat my shit, this was the only way. I just dealt with it, but I didn't like myself at all. I was a lazy fuck of a parent, and a shitty member of society.
  4. A car accident brought me back to the doctor.
    T-boned by a drunk driver at 4 in the afternoon. Not my best accident, but not my worst.
  5. Old man cranky pants, aka my doctor, tries to prescribe me pills for the pain.
    I politely declined. I had a lot of friends that got hooked on those things, and told him that quite frankly, I was sick of pills.
  6. What happens when you tell your drug dealer (doctor) "no"? An argument of course.
    It was becoming quite clear to me that his main objective wasn't getting me healthy, it was to prescribe the pills that the drug companies "advised" him to sell. I never picked up another prescription, and I had a follow-up appointment in a few weeks, where I knew the subject would come up again.
  7. I finally did the adult thing and looked up all the shit that he was shoveling in my mouth.
    Holy shitsnacks!!! Have you seen the side effects of this shit??? No wonder I'm a waste of oxygen.
  8. Time to change. Now.
    Since my late teens I have been a marijuana enthusiast, so with the advances in research and strains, I figured it would be worth looking into. Anything to help me get off those damn pills would be.
  9. Crammed information like I was studying for the biggest final exam of my life.
    If I was going to do this, I wanted to be as sure as possible that it would not only work, but also be safe considering my fucked-up-ness.
  10. Made a few calls and found what I was looking for.
    Medical marijuana laws are still pretty tight in my state, so I didn't have time to get licensed, and I thought that the doctor could just do that. Needless to say, I found a guy who had the strains that I thought might work after I did my research.
  11. Dropped the pills cold turkey style.
    It was fucking rough! Only for a couple days though. My mood improved greatly and was stable for the first time that I can remember. Physical therapy from the accident started going much better and I got released from that early. From that I discovered that I kinda liked working out.
  12. Back to Doctor cranky pants.
    I tell him what I did. He is very much in disagreement. I explained how I was feeling better and wanted to give this an extended trial. He said he would not recommend medical marijuana and would not continue to be my doctor if I was going to "disobey his orders"... His words. Condescending fucking prick.
  13. So that was that. Side note, my weight at that last visit was 228.
    I stuck to my plan, kept feeling better, and started working out. I still take over the counter sleeping pills in addition to my weed routine which is a sativa dominant hybrid during the day (Golden Ticket is my preferred strain), and something heavier on the indica side at night (Gorilla Glue works best for me).
  14. Then a tree branch fell on me. 😕
    And it really fuckin hurt. After two days of not being able to breathe, I had to find a new doctor ASAP. My mom recommended a new doctor in the smallish town close by.
  15. Alright, here we go. I need to know how jacked up my ribs are, so I have to do this.
    Broken. But that didn't matter at all.
  16. New doctor is awesome!
    She asked if I wanted anything for the pain. She didn't demand that I take something, she asked. When I declined, the conversation started as to if I was still taking the previous prescriptions. I went through the whole story and she completely understood and commended me on my vastly improved health. She did say that smoking isn't the best way, but my lungs are doing fine because of the daily cardio.
  17. Side note, my weight at that appointment was 167. I dropped over 50 pounds
    I don't actually own a scale because of my issues, but I knew I was feeling way better than before, and none of my clothes fit anymore.
  18. So yeah, I'm a pothead. Judge if you want, that's your right. I know what's working for me, and I'm not going to apologize. Most people don't even see it as a big deal anymore, but there's still some hardcore haters that think anyone who takes a toke from time to time is a waste of space.
    I was when I was on the pills, but I get shit done now. I'm able to focus on what I'm doing and actually have the energy to do shit. In addition to my job, I help take care of my old lady neighbors (not the awful neighbors from my previous list), and do all their yard work. I mostly get paid in hugs. I know, what a piece of shit.
  19. My parenting is level 9000 now too.
    I now know how to cook healthy food, can pay attention when my kids are talking, can help with homework because my brain is active again, have the energy to play catch or basketball or anything really, and most importantly I'm in a good mood. All the time. No more yelling over something stupid like a spill or something getting broken. My kids are comfortable talking to me because I'm reasonable about everything. Everything can be talked out and worked out without major stress.
  20. Thanks for reading!
    As usual, I'm posting late at night so this will probably never be seen.