Inspired by opening night! (Even though the Blackhawks lost ☹️) Also check out this great hockey list by @jennifer1482 I ❤️ hockey!
  1. The Rivalries
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    Blackhawks/Blues, Bruins/Canadiens, Flyers/Penguins...these are all teams that genuinely do not like each other. There's a lot more than this too, I don't want to go on forever though.
  2. The Villains.
    Everyone outside of Pittsburgh will enjoy that gif. There is severe dislike for Sidney Crosby everywhere else. Most hockey fans have a guy that they just can't stand, and usually for a good reason. 😆 Who is yours?
  3. The Atmosphere
    If you've never been to a game, I can't recommend anything in life more than doing it. Where else can you see Mr. T play "Shoot the Puck"? It's also very family friendly unless you're in Philadelphia.
  4. The AHL
    Really good hockey for a really good price. Those are $30 seats in that picture. Most of the players get called up to the NHL within a year or two, so it's pretty cool to see these fellas grow up, and follow their careers. UPDATE: I just talked to my ticket guy and apparently that's a $60 seat in the picture now. Still not too bad, but holy inflation Batman!
  5. The Blackhawks!
    My dudes! They're pretty disliked around the NHL too, mostly because of this song But, have you ever seen the anthem done in Chicago? Here... Tell me that's not cool AF. 😎 Y'all can keep your pop stars.
  6. The Playoffs
    There are very few things that are more exciting than playoff hockey. I have literally held my bladder for over 30 minutes because an overtime game had no commercial breaks! This stuff is intense!
  7. The Stanley Cup
    By far the coolest trophy in sports! It's been filled with everything from babies to booze to spaghetti. If only this thing could talk.
  8. Local
  9. This!!!
    Chris Pronger became one of my favorite humans last weekend when he checked little Justin Bieber into the glass during the celebrity game portion of All Star Weekend.