Inspired by @Dad3
  1. July 3, 1994. World Music Theater. Chicago, Illinois
    Metallica's Summer Shit Tour.
  2. I was 16 & went with 4 friends. We crammed into a Toyota Tercel.
    It looked a lot like this one, but not that nice. We were only 30 minutes out of town when one someone had to pee. He filled up a 32 oz Gatorade bottle, and we still had to pull over so he could finish on the side of the road. I still don't understand how that was possible.
  3. Opening Act - Suicidal Tendencies
    Mike Muir had a broken leg, but did the whole set from a LA-Z-Boy in the front of the stage. That picture is from the encore which I will get to later. I hadn't heard much of them before the show, but went out and bought all of their stuff that I could after. They were fuckin great! Best song from the set- No Fuckin' Problem
  4. That was my first experience with a mosh pit.
    Holy shitsnacks those things aren't safe! During the opening set one friend lost a shoe, another got a bloody nose, one was unscathed, and Bob got hit with a lemon. Not a whole lemon. A slice of lemon from someone's drink. It was hilarious. Out of all that mess, dude got hit with a slice of citrus. Not a good war wound to tell tales of when we got back home. Poor Bob.
  5. Up next... Danzig!
    I was a HUGE Danzig fan, so this was epic for me teenage brain to wrap my head around. You could see that big ass skull belt buckle shining in the lights all the way from the lawn. Shit got really real with the mosh pits, which kinda sucks when you want to actually see the band! The highlight was when during "How the Gods Kill" the pits stopped during the heavy parts and got crazy during the slow singing parts. Very confusing.
  6. Break time. AKA Look at how fucked up those people are!
    We saw a guy taken out on a stretcher with a boot print in his chest. He was still headbanging to absolutely no music, and had the horns up!🤘🏼 Being July 3, there were also fireworks in the crowd. Not cool.
  7. The lights go out.
    Ecstasy of Gold starts to play, as it did at the beginning of every Metallica concert. It's strange how such a mellow song can get you totally pumped up!
  8. The next couple hours were a wonderful, loud blur.
    The whole thing was great! Not a dull moment from beginning to end. The solos were spectacular too. Like mind blowing shit to my undeveloped brain. To this day I've never seen anything like what happened with the crowd when the first chords of "Whiplash" were strummed. The entire lawn, and I mean every single person, turned into a mosh pit. It looked like a hurricane of bodies. It's one thing to see that shit in a video, but it's totally different when you're in it, and look up and see no end.
  9. Wait... Where's One? No Enter Sandman either?
    Being my first concert, I didn't know what the hell an encore was. Luckily they came back out and played Sad But True and One...
  10. Then Encore #2... Why not just play it all at once?
    It started with "Enter Sandman" which was completely irrelevant when Glenn Danzig came out to sing the Misfits songs "London Dungeon", "Last Caress", and "Green Hell". That was followed by Mike Muir rolling back out on stage to do vocals on "So What".
  11. My ears were ringing for a week, and I was sore as hell, but it was worth it.
    I've seen over 100 shows now, but I still remember this one like it was yesterday.
  12. Thanks for indulging me while I relive my glory days!
    *set list and photos from that concert are from I have to add that so Lars's punk ass doesn't sue me.