My little buddy Archer: The things he ❤'s edition.

I owe this little guy my life, so yes he's a tad bit spoiled.
  1. Smiling. He's a happy fella.
    "What's up guys?" You have treats? "
  2. That "fresh from the groomer feeling"
    "I feel great! Can I go home and roll around in dirt? Pleeeeeease!"
  3. Sleeping on pillows
    "We didn't have these in the shelter. I'm probably going to go ahead and chew this one up soon."
  4. Stealing socks
    "It's cool if I take them outside right?"
  5. Darth Vader
    "He squeaks. He must be destroyed"
  6. Looking very displeased when I take his picture.
    "Dude, I'm just laying here. Put that fuckin thing away"
  7. Yoda
    "Darth Vader said he was a bad guy. I'm going rip his ears off just in case"
  8. Boba Fett
    "I hope his arms and legs supposed to come off, because I'm taking them"
  9. Snow Frisbee
    "This is awesome! I love snow!"
  10. Not this
    "How the hell am I supposed to pee?!? Too much snow!"
  11. Snuggling with his sleep cow. It used to be my daughter's, but she left it here when she went back to her mom's house. He carried it to every nap for 6 months.
    "She's not getting it back. It's mine now."
  12. Sledding in the back yard.
    "Is that sled bothering you? No? Well I'm going to chew on it anyways"
  13. Self explanatory...
    "Can we get a bigger couch please?"
  14. Yep
    "Ahhh, that's nice"
  15. Watching squirrels now that the damn snow is finally gone.
  16. This is getting excessive so I'll end it there.
    Thanks for indulging me and looking at yet another list of a total stranger's dog ✌❤
  17. His chicken.
    "I'm going to find the part that I can eat!"
  18. Looking as sad as possible when I'm eating.
    "Can I have some? Pleeeeease!"
  19. Leaves.
    "First, pee on pile. Then lay in pile."
  20. His sock monkey.
    "I'm only going to rip off one limb at a time."
  21. More fresh snow. ❄️
    "It works for playing and eating."
  22. Doggie puzzles.
    "Thanks for spending $25 on this. I'll find all the treats in 30 seconds"
  23. His new giraffe that @kiraandlulu got him for Christmas.
    "He has so many parts for me to chew off!"
  24. Helping my friend John wrap his kids' presents.
    "I'm sooooo helping right now!"
  25. His new scarf.
    "When do I get to chew on this?"