Inspired by @BWN_7 @shanaz @LeahG @justjills @jennifergster @andersun @eriknmichaelssrn @mnickwrites @Boogie @solena @kcupcaker and @angusisley who started this in October of 2015... I think. 🤔... I stand corrected, it was started by @sophia. 😊
  1. Push notifications on.
    My obsession with clearing out notification bubbles keeps me engaged here. Some days I'm really busy and catching up on a few lists is a good way to take a break and reset my brain.
  2. List notifications on... Sometimes.
    I only have them on for about a dozen of the people that I follow. The reasons vary depending on the person. I make time for those no matter what I have going on, even if I can't get around to my feed.
  3. If it's good, ❤️ it.
    I've been on for 103 days, and given out 5051 ❤️'s. Just under 50 a day, and I've taken days off. (Not bragging, but like to "like" things) I also read and actually like the thinks that I ❤️. I have a wide range of tastes and a pretty open mind, so I take in a lot of different content from I learned from the queen of ❤️s @kcupcaker.
  4. Feed first, then trending and featured.
    Honestly most days I don't check trending or featured. I am an introvert and sometimes I don't want to leave my little circle. There's more than enough good things in my feed, and honestly I don't care about what's popular unless it was by someone that I know.
  5. ❤️ and 🔁 new users lists.
    Everyone was new sometime, I still am to some of you. I like to think that if I relist for the new people, I can help them connect with my followers, and get them involved in the community.
  6. See a negative list, move along.
    I'm not here to argue or feel bad about myself so if your list has "why I hate" in the title, I'm probably not going to read it unless it looks funny.
  7. 🔁 the really good ones no matter what.
    Most people have more followers than me, but I still relist their lists. It's just my way of saying "good shit! 👍🏼". I have 2267 relists so I'm a little more choosy about what I 🔁.
  8. Don't obsess over getting likes.
    Not everyone shares my sense of humor and that's totally fine. I also use several words that the grammar police don't care for, and that's ok too. My list with the fewest likes changed my life, so it's staying there forever.
  9. Don't block unless I have to.
    I have around 5 people blocked and the only reason is because all or most of their lists are extremely negative and I don't want them in me feed. I'm not sure if I've been blocked by anyone, but I'm guessing I have. I'm an old, health-nut, pothead, blue collar white dude. Most people have plenty of reasons not to like me right there. Speaking of which...
  10. Old dude rules apply.
    Like @andersun I know what I shouldn't comment on and/or like. My kids are the same age as some listers, so I usually just avoid the young crowd. If I do see something good of theirs, I'll still like it. I only read the ones that are about TV or pets though.
  11. Leave comments.
    As I've mentioned before I'm not an outgoing person at all, so I still have to give myself a little pep talk before leaving any non emoji comments. If I leave a comment that means I really really liked your list, because it actually motivated me to interact with another human....something I'm not very good at.
  12. Always respond to comments.
    Should be a no-brainer, but if you take the time to leave a comment, I will respond 99.9% of the time.
  13. Fulfill all list requests first.
    If I'm lucky enough to get a request, that immediately becomes the next list I will publish. I usually try to get to them right away, but sometimes it can take a week.
  14. Appreciate people's time.
    All of my lists end with "thanks for reading" for a reason. If someone takes time out of their day to look at my nonsense, I genuinely appreciate it, and I hope you don't feel like you wasted that time.
  15. Try not to go on too long...
    I just realized I have way too many rules. Sorry about that.