My thoughts so far on High Maintenance

For those who don't know, High Maintenance is an HBO show centered around a pot delivery dude in New York. It's much more than just a "weed show" though. The characters are brilliantly written, and it's a perfect mix of humor and drama. It was originally a web series on Vimeo, but all episodes are available on HBOgo and HBO Now.
  1. The Guy is the coolest fella since Lebowski.
    He's by far the most relatable character on any show ever (to me). Not just because of the weed thing. He's an all around good dude that just takes life as it comes.
  2. I hope Hannibal does more episodes.
    His web series episode was one of the more serious ones. Turns out he's a really good actor. There's a quick reference to BJ Novak in that one too.
  3. The mouse episode was hilarious!
    It's episode 3 of the web series. I won't ruin it, but the subtle, and not-so-subtle comedy was brilliant.
  4. What happened to Quinn?
    Did she quit her job? Is she off the pills?
  5. Homeless Heidi is a little crazy 😜
    She's another one of the more intriguing characters that totally reminds me of someone I know, but he's a dude. He's a piece of shit too.
  6. When a one night stand doesn't go home for two weeks...
  7. I'm not going to tell you what led to this, you have to watch it. 😆
  8. The Assholes are the worst people ever!
    It's worth watching this show just to hate these people. They are what King Joffrey would be if he was living in Brooklyn. Also, they're listed as "Assholes" in The Guy's phone.
  9. Max is the worst of the assholes.
    I think he makes more appearances than any character other than The Guy. Just when he almost makes you feel bad for him, he always comes through with being the worst human on the planet.
  10. The variety of characters is excellent.
    It shows that weed isn't just for burnout stoners. Young people, old people, men, women, black, white, gay, straight, cross-dressing, therapists, teachers, stay at home dads, good people, and assholes, they all smoke. They all have different reasons why they smoke too. Hopefully this show catches on and helps get rid of the stigma that's still attached to weed.
  11. Anyway, I guess my thoughts are that I really like this show!
    The web series is 19 episodes that are pretty short (under 20 minutes each). The first HBO Season is on Episode 3 of 6 as of the time that I'm writing this, but HBO has already picked it up for a second season. 👍🏼
  12. Thanks for reading! Watch this show if you get the chance.
    And big thanks to @kiraandlulu for the LR!