After over analyzing and overthinking this for two days, I decided to just not follow the rules. There's no way to do this without leaving some really good shows off the list, so watch me weasel my way through this shit. Keep in mind I'm an odd old fella, so your results will most certainly be different.
  1. 10. The Golden Girls of Mama's Family.
    I used to watch both of these shows with my grandma, so just back off. 😆
  2. 9. Roseanne was Married... With Children.
    Two classics that accurately depicted life in middle America in the 80's and 90's.
  3. 8. Family Matters to The Fresh Price of Bel-Air.
    In West Philadelphia born and raised....(did you just sing the rest of the song? I bet you did)
  4. 7. That 70's Show about The Addams Family.
    I don't care if the Addams Family was on in the 60's. I wish my dad was as cool as Gomez and Red.
  5. 6. Cheers to Night Court! 🍻
    You can't have one without the other. Part of the original "Must See TV" Thursday night lineup.
  6. 5. The Arrested Development of The IT Crowd.
    Really no connection here, other than great comedic actors in both shows.
  7. 4. The Office at 30 Rock.
    Hands down the two best workplace comedies of all time. Check out BJ's hair! 😳
  8. 3. The Veep of Fawlty Towers.
    For when you want your raunchy comedy to feel a little more sophisticated.
  9. 2. Curb Your Enthusiasm, Seinfeld.
    Curb is basically Seinfeld on steroids. Both are brilliant, but Curb was able to do more being on HBO. The dynamic duo of Seinfeld and David are comedy royalty.
  10. 1. South Park
    This one gets it's own spot. It gets better every year. It gets crazier, funnier, and smarter every year. It goes after social issues more and more every year. It doesn't care what you think about it. It's going to do what it's going to do, and it's going to be hilarious doing it. I could do endless lists just on South Park, so I'll wrap this up here.
  11. Local
    Thanks for the LR @ease! My bad on taking forever and not keeping it down to ten! 😕