Over/Under: Cats, Kevin Hart, Cheetos, Nature, Neil Young.

Thanks for letting me in on the fun @nathanveshecco! And a pre-emptive thanks for reading because I'm sticking to the format 😎
  1. Cats
    Overrated. They look cute on YouTube, but these little monsters will eat your face if you sleep too long.
  2. Kevin Hart
    Over exposed, but underrated. Don't let his face being on everything in TV and in movies distract you from how hard working and hilarious this dude is.
  3. Cheetos
    As a food - overrated. As packing peanuts - underrated. Zero nutritional value, but they will keep your glassware safe if you're moving in a hurry.
  4. Nature
    Overrated. While it's nice to get away from humans, the downside of biting ass bugs and poisonous plants everywhere just isn't worth it. You know there's bears n shit out there too right?
  5. Neil Young
    Underrated by young people, overrated by old people. He's good and worth listening to, but I don't understand why he's worshipped by so many people. That's just me though.