Inspired by procrastination while cleaning my house.
  1. Jaguars/Bears - Sept 16. 2001
    Sorry it super faded, it's old like me. The game got rescheduled for January in Chicago. Highlight of the game was the fans erupting in laughter as Keith Traylor intercepted Mark Brunell and ran his big ole' self almost all the way to the end zone. If you watch this clip, that sound isn't cheering, it's laughing. It was all anyone could do to stay warm.
  2. Hockey! Of course 😎
    They took out Row A because apparently some fans were "constantly making obscene jestures" on the glass. Big mistake because they covered Row A with a platform that makes it easier to place one's backside up to the glass.
  3. Yankees/Cubs
    Roger Clemens was going for his 300th win that day. He didn't get it. Eric Karros of all people hit a 3 run homerun that caused my dude to fall down three rows of seats. Met some cool Yankees fans there, and then took the train in the wrong direction for an hour before we realized it.
  4. Jaguars/Vikings
    All I remember from this is that annoying ass loud horn that they blow all the time! Also Randy Moss was really good!
  5. Bears/Bengals
    Took my one and only bus trip to Cincinnati. Take my advice, and never do this. Get a bunch of people super drunk on a bus with one bathroom and a drive across 3 states, never again. Cincinnati has primo tailgating though.
  6. Yankees/Brewers
    No idea why this ones in the pile. I've been to Milwaukee for games a bunch of times and I don't remember anything about this other than traffic sucked, we got there late, and they wanted $12 for a Bacardi & Coke. I don't even know who won. ☹️
  7. Jim Jeffries- the Vic
    I've already mentioned this in another list. Most Memorable Stand-up Comedy Moments Good stuff.
  8. Well that's it for the dresser tickets, and I don't want to dig up more right now.
    Back to cleaning!