Some people never learn, especially me. Feel free to confess your own facepalm moments to add to the list
  1. Shake the hot sauce bottle when the damn cap isn't on.
    I guarantee I have the cleanest kitchen ceiling on It gets a full scrub at least once a week because of this.
  2. Put clothes in the dryer and walk away.
    Check back an hour later and find out that I didn't start it.
  3. Start my car when it's already running.
    Please tell me I'm not the only one.
  4. Forget how stairs work.
    Either missing one or trying to step on one that doesn't exist.
  5. Reach into the oven with a bare hand.
    Because it worked out so well last time 😱
  6. Forget to grab a towel on my way to the shower.
    Well I guess the whole house is gonna get wet, or let's find out how much the hand towel can do.
  7. Put clothes in the washing machine and forget to close the lid.
    Maybe I'm subconsciously choosing to pre-soak (for 2-3 days).
    Suggested by @bluepuddles
  8. Forget to cut a piece of sellotape before wrapping the present
    Fold fold fold yes that fits, it's all covered, not too many wrinkles ok now .... Balls! Let it all go so I can use both hands to cut some sellotape. I'm very smart.
    Suggested by @ellaellakennedy
  9. Forget to put the lid on completely before switching on the Vitamix😳more than I'd like to admit!
    Suggested by @cvlop61