1. Warm clothes
    I just realized that I only have one pair of jeans that I can wear in public. The others are too big or too ripped.
  2. Motivation to work out
    I haven't missed a day in a while, so fuck it.
  3. Patience for asshole drivers
    They're everywhere!
  4. Medication (almost)
    This could be a problem.
  5. List ideas
    Obviously, just look at this crap.
  6. Energy
    I'm pretty worn down y'all.
  7. Time
    Seriously, does anyone have enough of this?
  8. Bananas
    This is kind of a bummer list, so here's a bunny! 🐰 I am out of bananas though.
  9. Thanks for reading!
    Or just scrolling through the gifs. Either way, I'll take it.