I didn't realize I was a cool boyfriend, but thanks! Full disclosure to the readers: I had to ask for hints because I really didn't know.
  1. I'm a decent cook.
    I make dinner and have been known to bake muffins and cinnamon rolls for breakfast and carrot cake for an airport snack.
  2. I'm pretty great at backrubs.
    Since I don't sleep, I zone out and give my little lady a back rub until she falls asleep.
  3. I send random cards and stuff.
    We don't live close to each other so it's nice to surprise her from time to time.
  4. I make her laugh.
    She gets my messed up sense of humor, so it's a blast making her laugh. If only I could do stand-up for one person at a time I might be good at it.
  5. I remember special dates.
    I'm not a caveman so I know when her birthday is. I also remember all of the anniversaries no matter how big or small. (first date, first list ❤️️ etc),
  6. I always carry her bags.
    Giphy downsized medium
    I don't really think this is particularly cool, just the right thing to do when someone travels to see you.
  7. I go get coffee and donuts while she's sleeping.
    Another fun part about not sleeping, I can sneak out in the morning so she wakes up to fresh Starbucks and donuts if I don't feel like making breakfast.
  8. Local
    Sorry for talking about myself so much.