Who's A Good Helper? Archer Is(n't)

Inspired by a fluffy butthead.
  1. 💪🏼 Let's just get these couches moved.
    🐶 "I'll lay on this side and you move everything, ok?"
  2. 🤔 Something about that doesn't work.
    "Yeah dude, put the table right next to my couch!" 😋🐶
  3. 😟 This is terrible. I'm sure you'll help me move them again.
    "I can't reach my puzzles and these chairs are in the way. I'll stand here while you move it."
  4. 🙄 Nice of you to lay down AFTER I got the table moved again.
    🐶 "This is exhausting!"
  5. Don't mind me, you just get some rest while I move this.
    🐶 "Do you mind? I'm trying to sleep." 😴
  6. What's up buddy?
    "You know what this needs? A rug for me to lay on." 🐶
  7. 😕 You know I have to walk there right?
    🐶 "Don't care...."
  8. Thanks for reading! One of us has more work to do...
    🐶 "I get a treat for this, right?" 😋