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90's Nickelodeon Tv Shows

90s Nickelodeon TV was possibly the golden age for Television. It's tough to say which shows were better than others, but someone's gotta do it.
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    Hey Arnold!
    No show described the plight of the common city kid better than this one. Arnold was the perfect main character for this show, but his surrounding cast is what puts it at number one. From his best friend, Gerald, his bully/ secret lover, Helga, to his grandpa and all the crazy characters in his apartment building, this show had a character for everyone.
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    This was a CLOSE race for the top spot, and Tommy and company should not be disappointed with themselves for finishing second. This show has wild adventures and many characters that the viewers could get behind. Tommy Pickles was a great main character for this show. As I have said before, he was a mix of Indiana Jones and Ghandi. Once you saw him pull out that screwdriver and open the baby-gate, you knew this episode was gonna be lit!
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    Rocket Power
    This show was the perfect show to just space out and watch while you're imagining that you're part of the crew. You'll never forget where you were when Otto hit the 900 (it was because of an errant tennis ball!) or when him and Twister skated with Tony Hawk. I was in my friend's basement glued to the television when the crew went to Australia. This show only falls to three because I'm not sure it grabbed the female viewer, but it's still an all-time great.
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    Legends of the Hidden Temple
    When I was young, there was no show I would rather have been a contestant on than Legends of the Hidden Temple. It was a great show with a mix of knowledge and physical challenges. I want to call the kids dumb for not being able to piece together a three-piece monkey statue, but I bet the pressure in the Nickelodeon studios was palpable during that contest. If this show had more than three seasons, it probably could have been a couple spots higher on the list.
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    KaBlam! was a combination of short tv shows within one larger show. Not only were the two hosts fantastically entertaining, but this show featured "Action League Now!" Which I vaguely remember being one of my favorite parts of TV. This show ran on Friday nights, and the only way to get me away from the TV during that time was a neighborhood-wide game of Ghost in the Graveyard.
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    We gotta ten-show list! Yea, because nineties Nick was THAT dope. 6 on the list is Doug. This was the plight of the high school weirdo rolled into a perfect cartoon. From the pursuit of Patty Mayonnaise (may have been my first crush), to the friendship between Doug and Skeeter, to the constant bullying from resident asshole Roger Klotz, this show had it all. It also gave us the most underrated superhero of all time, Quailman.
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    All That
    This show was one of the best sketch-comedy shows ever. I would take 1995-2005 "All That" over current SNL any day of the week. Not only did it produce hilarity night-in and night-out, but it also gave us "Kenan and Kel," "The Amanda Show," and was a coming out for future stars. It was a superstar factory.
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    The Wild Thornberrys
    This one sneaks onto the list, just as it snuck into 90's Nickelodeon by debuting in '99. This show had it all. Every character was likable and there were talking animals, a nerdy but interesting main character, and my second crush ever, older sister Debbie. Nigel Thornberry could be an all-time TV dad too, right up there with Hal from "Malcolm in the Middle" and Phil Dunphy. Speaking of dads, it was my dad's favorite show. SHOUTOUT!
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    Rocko's Modern Life
    A solid show to take up 30 minutes of your time. If you make a show where the main character is a dang Wallaby, your getting on my top ten list. Rocko was a great main character, spunky was a great pet/sidekick, Heffer (who was a bull?) and Filburt, a turtle, were great best pals, and Ed and Bev Bighead were fun old people (they were toads). Basically this show was an earlier, better version of SpongeBob.
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    Blue's Clues
    UPSET ALERT! This HAD to be on my list. Tell me you didn't watch it every day that you were sick from school or those summer days when you got home from half day soccer camp. Blue and Steve together is one of the best Tag-Teams in the history of TV. Add in the fun, interactive nature of the show and you're hooked.
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    Amanda Show, Kenan and Kel, Ahhh! Real Monsters, Angry Beavers, CatDog