Power ranking of State College Watering holes
  1. Bill Pickle's Tap Room
    Unanimous number 1. Best place to end the night. Staff is friendly and treats you like a part of the show. $7 pitchers and $3 long islands are fair. Tendency to not kick you out or deny you at the door is an added bonus. Country night on Tuesdays is one of the best times a college kid can have.
  2. Shandygaff aka "The Gaff"
    Great place to dance and deals are spectacular. $3 tall boys and $6 Long Island pitchers guaranteed to get you obliterated for cheap. Only downside is that there are a zillion staffers, so you always feel watched and can get kicked out at any point.
  3. Indigo
    1$ Long Islands and DJ Cashious on Throwback Thursday puts Indigo in the top 3. Also always attracts the best talent and most promiscuous clothing.
  4. Ratskellar aka "Skellar"
    Big open bar with great live music. Has potential to move up the list because it's a new venue to me. $5 pitchers are great for keeping lubricated.
  5. Cafe 210 West aka "Cafe"
    Great spot for when the weather becomes warm. There is no experience in State College like sitting out front of Cafe in a golf shirt with some buddies, sipping $6 Long Island pitchers. Live music here usually brings it at this venue as well. Weakness of Long Islands gives this bar a chance to fall out of the top 5.