Now I'm not a fan of any animals besides dogs, but Vinny's wish is my command. Let's get started.
  1. Rugrats in Paris
    Tommy was a fucking legend. Mix of Indiana Jones and Gandhi. Fights off evil monkeys in the jungle in France, and then Chuckie Finster becomes a legend and takes the movie over.
  2. Batman Returns
    Danny Devito is an all-time actor. Was scary as shit as an evil penguin in this one. Well done Danny.
  3. The Wild Thornberrys~The Origins of Donny
    SPOILER ALERT: the kid was raised by monkeys. Great movie based on that alone. Darwin was great in his part as an ape as well. P.S. I never won't have a crush on Eliza's sister, Debbie.
  4. Penguins Of Madagascar
    One of the best movie spin-offs ever. Ya gotta love when talking animals get into hi-jinx. They were a little mean too. Great character development in this one.
  5. Billy Madison
    Penguin scene was one of the funniest Adam Sandler scenes ever. Fantastic movie all around. More penguin or monkey would bring this up the list.