Power ranking of the 5 players in Naples
  1. Tyler
    Roommate. No doubter. It's unconditional at this point.
  2. Vinny
    BFF. I'll probably be invited to his wedding. Probably spend too much time together but so far all is good.
  3. Murph
    Gaining on the top 2. Nice guy and his family is the best. No complaints. A little older so time is not on his side but could see him overtaking Tyler, and with a lot of work, maybe Vinny.
  4. Danny
    Good guy. Laughs at things I say. Collegeville dirt. Similar to Murph: TONS of potential. Time on his side.
  5. Me
    Delco dirt but doesn't care. Wildcard. May kill someone but who cares cause he's usually an okay time.