Traits about this chick that are decent
  1. "General cuteness"
    She's in great shape and has a fun sense of style. The idea of meeting a tinder match in person is always scary, but now that they met we know she's not a catfish. Seems quirky but Vinny will LOVE that. Excited as to what this becomes.
  2. Smile
    Smiles can make or break a person. Her smile makes her. Adds to the aforementioned "general cuteness." As mentioned, very excited.
  3. Her friend
    Her friend is wing-womaning very well. Talking up every single friend. I haven't seen a helpful friend like this since Bagger Vance. Exciting stuff.
  4. Likes Harry Potter
    This is a great trait to have when talking to Vinny. He's read every book so they can keep up. Downside is that she may be a Harry Potter freak but it's something Vinny should be willing to risk because of the above traits. The mystery of this risk/reward is certainly exciting.