1. Slap Cup
    High paced game that takes fast hands and a fast mind. Always great to collude and screw someone over too. Teamwork makes the dream work. A good smack of a cup is one of the most rewarding feelings ever. Easy number 1.
  2. Beer Pong
    Your classic beer drinking game. Everyone thinks they're good at this game, but everyone is usually pretty average. Easy game to just kinda hang out and play too. Very low maintenance party game.
  3. Murderball
    Great game to show off the reflexes and accuracy. Really gets you moving too. Chugging beers that quick is tough, but the benefits (winning) outweigh the costs. Haven't played it in a while so if say it has a chance to move up the list.
  4. Flip Cup
    Another regular party game makes the list. Flip cup is easy to play and a great way to get drunk fast. Fun party game as well. Different variations of this game add value as well.
  5. Shotgun Shotgun
    This game is one that I've only been playing for a year, so there's a chance for movement up the list. A rousing 5v5 round of shotgun shotgun is always a great game to play hammered. May make you bleed though, that is if you're as dumb as I am.