Cuz sometimes it feels like a miracle that it did.
  1. I woke up wanting to write. That's like a good cut in blackjack where you can get so much done in so little time. So I was golden!
  2. I was wrong. Bad shoe. Bad cut. Not in it. Bad computer. Nothing in there for me. 👿
  3. Flipped through chunks of Jincy Willett's Winner of the National Book Award and finished my essay about the book. So that counts. But that's not my book. The one I'm supposed to be writing.
  4. Googled bicycle lanes and LA. Finished an interview. So that counts. But that's not my book either.
  5. Read some Lovely Bones. Just cuz.
  6. Turned on the TV and Lovely Bones was on. Close Encounters Mashed Potatoes level of this-means-something! A sign that it was time to write. But did I write? No. I watched some Lovely Bones. Some scary Stanley Tucci.
  7. Went to the grocery store. Tribute to Bowie in local shop is gone. Got all wistful. Bought grapefruit knowing it will rot. Gingersnaps too, but those will survive, the immortality of processed carbs. Surely now. Now I would write. Overwrought thoughts, that's always a sign.
  8. Nope. Watched Glenn Frey videos on YouTube. It would be fun to go to the bar in the "True Love" video. Maybe I should give up and make plans.
  9. Turned on TV. No more Lovely Bones, but Valentine's Day was On Demand! That's the end of that! I deserve a break! I wrote that essay, I did that interview! It's Saturday and when it's not meant to be it's not meant to be. Maybe I'll even go out. Maybe to that bar in the video! Wooh!
  10. It's a blur. I got bored. Around when Jessica Biel almost falls off the treadmill. I've already seen Valentine's Day. I muted the TV and got into my computer. And suddenly it was 1 AM. Magic shoe. Great cut. I had my ending and many new pages. Pages I still love today. Thank you, Valentine's Day. Never quit. Even when you quit, don't quit.