1. Debra Messing is like oh fuck I need a date for my half-sister's big semi-British dysfunctional family wedding. 😫
  2. Diane Lane is like oh fuck my big dysfunctional Irish family says I need a date. 🙄
  3. Debra Messing is like, I'm incapable of trust but I really can't go to this wedding alone. 🤔
  4. Diane Lane is like, I'n incapable of dealing with guys from the Internet but I'll break the rules of being a teacher and go out with a hot dad from school. 🤓
  5. Debra Messing is like oh fuck it. Maybe I'll dig into my 401K and rent a hot guy from Cosmo. HeeHee. 😍
  6. Diane Lane is like, how fucking hot is Dermot Mulroney? Her big dysfunctional Irish family is like, yes. He's pretty fucking hot! 😍
  7. But Dermot Mulroney is sleeping around. A lot. With multiple women, teachers. One of whom is Diane Lane. She's like see ya. So Dermot Mulroney is like oh fuck it. I'm good at women. I'll give up custody of my precocious son and become an Ivy League hooker. I'll be The Wedding Date. 🤑
  8. Diane Lane is like, whatever. John Cusack is better. #Boats #Dogs #TotallyGettingMarried
  9. Debra Messing is like how hot is my Ivy League hooker? Her big dysfunctional semi-British family is like, yes. Dermot Mulroney is pretty fucking hot! #TotallyGettingMarried
  10. Years later, Debra Messing and Diane Lane bump into each other at the movies. They have random conversation. They have no idea of the shit that's about to go down when their husbands show up and they realize how they're connected. 😳