The real!
  1. They're super popular
    When you tell someone you have a Yorkie odds are they will too. That or they'll know somebody who does. In other words, if you think Golden Retrievers are cute but too common and therefore not for you... think again.
  2. Few people have "real" Yorkies
    If your Yorkie is larger than 7 pounds you may have a Terrier of some sort, but it's not a real Yorkie. When people try to pass their giant mutt off as a purebred it will annoy you. Instant snob. It will happen.
  3. They're annoying
    Not to you, but everyone they either bark at or try to hump or whatever. They also try to fight every dog they see which is fun.
  4. Yorkie's refuse to be potty trained
    Yes. They will "go" outside. They will go inside or wherever they happen to be if they can't relieve themselves within five seconds of feeling the urge.
  5. They're super independent
    Opposite to all the negatives, Yorkies are great if you aren't looking to fill a void in your life with a dog. They're perfect if you actually have a life, but want to spend your nights with an awesome little animal.