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  1. Resist buying clothes from old navy about $58 (in exchange for $3.5 book not in Library)
  2. 带足够的水出门。水不仅仅贵 而且还T


  1. The criteria 4.C is problematic.
  1. Put coffee grounds into potting mix
  2. Eggshells for plants, adding calcium
  3. Adding tea grounds to the soil to create a more fertile environment for garden
  1. With Peirce They both have an aesthetic theory of value. All values seem ultimately to reduced to aesthetic values.
  2. With Barad: internal relations (relationship that pertain by virtue of the essential nature of a and b) and entanglement/ intra-action.
  3. Hegel: the servant-master relationship. Remember whitehead is in a process
  1. Keep political
  1. Paterson
  2. Blue is the warmest color
  3. Interstellar