One just wants his father to be proud of him, the other wants his father to be proud of him and also to join the Magicians' Alliance. I won't say which.
  1. Names
    Besides the fact that "Gob Bluth" and "Jeb Bush" sound fairly similar, both of them have initial-based first names. Gob stands for George Oscar Bluth, while Jeb is short for John Ellis Bush. Yet both continue to use their last names in addition to their acronym first names....
  2. Presidential family and aspirations
    Jeb and Gob both have aspirations to hold the title of president, and both have a brother and a father who were once president. For Gob, his brother Michael and father George Sr. were both presidents of the Bluth Company. Jeb's brother and daddy-o (ALSO NAMED GEORGE!!) held down the presidency of the United States for a collective 12 years.
  3. Jeb in high school
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  4. Gob in high school
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  5. Both hold some very understandable apprehensions
    Gob: "I hear the jury's still out on science" Jeb: "I get a little tired of...this idea that somehow science has decided all this"
  6. Jeb on his wheels
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  7. Gob on his wheels
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  8. Family starting things in Iraq
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