She is wise beyond her years
  1. Never respond to a text with "K". It is unforgivable in all situations. We actually had a lengthy discussion about this, I still don't really understand why it is so offensive but she was so passionate about her hatred of a "K" response that I now always write the full Okay.
  2. When asking her advice about a potential new haircut she immediately told me what that haircut conveys to the world and why under no circumstances am I allowed to get it. BTW an asymmetrical bob means you are an unhappy housewife who drives a mini-van, has a cheating husband and hates her life. Apologies to anyone who has this haircut.
  3. It is fine to go to school with people you hate but under no circumstances is it okay to see them outside of school. This is why the McDonalds near our house is off limits. At first I thought she was crazy but I then realized I work with many people that I feel the same way about. See, she is wise beyond her years.