Maple (cat) and Odin (dog) have been best friends since they met. They enjoy long walks, naps, un decorating Christmas trees, drinking from the toilet (at the same time) and many other activities.
  1. Instant connection - I took Odin with me to the shelter to help pick out a cat. Maple (then named Damion) immediately tried to interact with Odin by swiping at him through his cage, Odin tried to lick the cat. I knew it was love.
  2. Long walks - Maple is by Odin's side for every walk. As a kitten Maple would have tantrums (rolling on his back mewing and hissing) if he was left behind when we went for a walk. We get a lot of strange reactions but it's worth it since they love to be together.
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  3. Nap time - Maple and Odin are found napping together countless times throughout the day. Most times Maple joins Odin but a few times I have seen Odin snuggle in with Maple.
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  4. Look Out Friends - Almost everyday when I come home from work both of them are sitting at the front window on look out duty waiting for me to come home. I am immediately greeted by the two of them when I walk through the door.
  5. Separation anxiety - I usually go to visit my parents at Christmas. It's a 13 hour car ride so that means Maple stays with my lovely neighbours. When Maple and Odin finally reunite after 10 days apart there are kisses, snuggles, mews and strange dog groans, it's heartwarming!
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