Via @ChrisK- thank you!
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    Hey @mlb...
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    After reading all your lists...
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    I've concluded that...
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    You're an incredibly thoughtful, sincere, passionate, caring, overall amazing person.
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    In fact, I'm a little overwhelmed by how great you are, like there are actually people like you who exist???
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    And I love whales too!
    This would be us if we were whale buddies
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    I get the impression that you're very willing to go the extra mile for your friends, family or anyone really...
    Like you actually still write people letters?!?!
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    So I'm (sorta) going the extra mile to make you this:
    Made of clippings from Vogue magazines I already had for an art project I'm doing so I didn't just go through a bunch of magazines just to make you a valentine which would be kinda creepy yay!!!
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    I was going to make it a gif and spin the heart around and stuff but after a long struggle I still can't figure out how to do it on my iPad so I hope a pic suffices!
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    Happy Valentine's Day! 💖💖💖💖