Via @ChrisK- thank you!
  1. Hey @mlb...
  2. After reading all your lists...
  3. I've concluded that...
  4. You're an incredibly thoughtful, sincere, passionate, caring, overall amazing person.
  5. In fact, I'm a little overwhelmed by how great you are, like there are actually people like you who exist???
  6. And I love whales too!
    This would be us if we were whale buddies
  7. I get the impression that you're very willing to go the extra mile for your friends, family or anyone really...
    Like you actually still write people letters?!?!
  8. So I'm (sorta) going the extra mile to make you this:
    Made of clippings from Vogue magazines I already had for an art project I'm doing so I didn't just go through a bunch of magazines just to make you a valentine which would be kinda creepy yay!!!
  9. I was going to make it a gif and spin the heart around and stuff but after a long struggle I still can't figure out how to do it on my iPad so I hope a pic suffices!
  10. Happy Valentine's Day! 💖💖💖💖