1. Have you noticed that when POC speak up about their issues, white people will often turn the conversation around to be about them?
  2. "People of color? Isn't white a color?"
  3. "If the n word is a slur then why isn't cracker?"
  4. "Whitewashing in Hollywood? What about that one time a POC played a white character?"
  5. "Black lives matter? All lives matter!"
  6. But a lot of people don't seem to understand that these things aren't equatable. You can't just invert the scenario and expect to have the same result.
  7. You have to take context into account. History. Data. Societal structure. Precedents.
  8. Sure white is a color. So? "People of color" is a term designed for the marginalized, the people who are treated unfairly BECAUSE of their color.
  9. The n word has a long history of making black people feel less than human. Cracker or Becky or any words white people try to define as slurs carries nowhere near the same weight, and if English is your native language you already know that.
  10. Whitewashed characters have been a problem since the beginning of cinema. When POC take the role of a white character they're actively fighting against that problem. White people portraying POC only adds to it.
  11. Yes everyone matters, including white people. But that's not what Black Lives Matter is about. BLM addresses what black people and ONLY black people have to face everyday.
  12. We're all Homo sapiens. We're all made up of the same DNA. But are we all treated as such?
  13. Are you less likely to get a job because of your name or how you look?
  14. Do you have to be careful in the way you dress or style your hair in fear of retaliation?
  15. Are people more likely to assume that you're unintelligent before you even say a word?
  16. When a police officer walks toward you, do you wonder if you're about to die?