1. When I was around ten years old I found a spider in my toothbrush.
  2. You know when you think something right before doing something so you don't give yourself enough time to make sure that thought actually made sense?
  3. The spider just looked like a little dark lump in the bristles, so I thought it must be a leftover blueberry from the blueberry muffin I had that morning.
    I always brush my teeth /before/ breakfast.
  4. I immediately picked up my toothbrush and the spider jumped out and ran off.
    I bet it was really cozy in there.
  5. Horrified, I didn't brush my teeth.
  6. Then I didn't brush my teeth for a week.
  7. Then I ran barely hot water from the sink over the toothbrush, rubbed the bristles a little with my fingers and started brushing my teeth again.
  8. So the question is: is there something wrong with me, or is there something wrong with me?