Just wanted to know some dirty Chinese words for penis and struck absolute gold. Some of these are naughty words, others are just slang. Will probably list about other languages too!
  1. ~~PENIS~~
  2. guītóu: "glans/penis"
    Literally: "turtle's head"
  3. bāopí: "foreskin"
    Lit: "wrapper"
  4. xiǎo dìdì: "wee-wee"
    Lit: "little brother" (Ew)
  5. ~~VAGINA~~
  6. xiǎo mèimei: "pussy"
    Lit: "little sister" (I find this grosser)
  7. èrbī: "fucking idiot/ inbred"
    Lit: "double vagina" (😒)
  8. táohuāyuán: "vagina"
    Lit: "garden of peach blossoms" (How romantic!)
  9. jībái: "pussy" (not used as an insult)
    Lit: "pure chicken"
  10. ~~BREASTS~~
  11. mīmī: euphemism for breasts
    Lit: "meow meow" (as in a cat's purring)
  12. dà dòufu: "big breasts"
    Lit: "big tofu"
  13. fúshòu: "breasts"
    Lit: "happy long life" (?)
  14. nāināi: "boobies"
    Lit: "grandmother" (???)
  16. dă shǒuqiāng: male masturbation
    Lit: "firing a handgun"
  17. wán lǎo èr: male masturbation
    Lit: "Play with little brother" (Ew ew ew)
  18. jiàn wǔ gūniáng: male masturbation
    Lit: "to see (visit) Miss Five/to see (use) five prostitutes (fingers)"
  19. ~~FAMILY~~
  20. tā māde niǎo: "goddamnit"
    Lit: "His mother's dick"
  21. tā mā bāzi: An insult/ can be used in admiration
    Lit: "His mother's clitoris" (Yeah real admirable)
  22. nǐ èr dàyé de: Insult
    Lit: "damn on your second uncle"
  23. cào nǐ zǔzōng shíbā dài: Insult
    Lit: "Fuck your ancestors to the eighteenth generation"
  24. jiào nǐ shēng háizi méi pìgu yǎn: Insult
    Lit: "May your child be born with an imperforate anus" (There's also another one that curses your child with hemorrhoids)
  25. ~~ANIMALS~~
  26. pāi mǎ pì: "to suck up, to be a toady"
    Lit: "patting a horse's butt"
  27. niúbī: "fucking awesome" (positive connotation)
    Lit: "cow cunt"
  28. chuīniú bī: Used to address bragging
    Lit: "inflating (blowing air into) a cow's vagina"
  29. mǎpìjīng: "flatterer"
    Lit: "horse-fart spirit"
  30. fàng pì/gǒu pì: "bullshit, nonsense, lie"
    Lit: "To fart/dog fart"
  31. fàng nǐ mā de gǒu chòu pì: "what you said is fucking bullshit"
    Lit: "release your mother's stinky dog fart"
  32. xiǎotùzǎizi: insult often used by parents to insult their children
    Lit: "son of a rabbit"
  33. gǔnduzi: "get out of here"
    Lit: "Roll over, calf"
  34. ~~FOREIGNERS~~
  35. hóng máo guǐzi: rude slang term for Caucasians, especially Anglos
    Lit: "Red fur devil"
  36. gāo bízi: slur for Caucasians
    Lit: "high nose"
  37. dà jiǎo pén zú: Ethnic slur towards Japanese used predominantly by Northern Chinese
    Lit: "Big Feet Bowl Race" (like what is this supposed to mean)
  39. duànxiù: Homosexual
    Lit: "cut off sleeve" ("from the story of a ruler whose male favorite fell asleep on the sleeve of his jacket, so when the ruler had to get up to conduct some needed business he cut his sleeve off rather than awaken his lover." Cute!)
  40. yútáo: Homosexual
    Lit: "remains of a peach" ("from the story of a favorite who rather too familiarly offered his sovereign a peach of which he had already eaten half." Also cute!)
  41. duànbèi: Homosexual
    Lit: "Brokeback" (thanks Ang Lee)
  43. pì jīng: "girlish" (Referring to effeminate men)
    Lit: "ass fairy" (hell yeah)
  44. júhuā: "anus"
    Lit: "chrysanthemums" (Because the folds of skin around the opening of the anus looks like the flower. 🤔)
  45. chuī xiāo: "blowjob"
    Lit: "play flute"
  46. mài dòufu: euphemism for prostitution
    Lit: "selling tofu" (not sure what to say if you're actually selling tofu)
  47. húli jīng: "bitch" (overly seductive woman or a gold digger)
    Lit: "Fox spirit" (um badass)
  48. huā huā gōngzi: "playboy/notorious cheater"
    Lit: "Flower-Flower Prince"