Not saying that I would've, but I could've.
  1. Terrell
    Obsessed with me. Hated him. Somehow ended up in the same class for three straight years of elementary school. And because of our close last names, he was usually right by my side. And then I moved into his neighborhood. If he kept his affection in check we probably could've met eye to eye.
  2. Matt
    We had one of those relationships where we pretended to hate each other but actually really enjoyed each other's company. I chased him around on the playground a lot but never caught him.
  3. Carlos
    Once on the playground someone tapped my shoulder and I turned around to see a group of boys. The one closest to me pointed at one of them and snickered, "he likes you!" I heard a "shut up," saw a lot of shoving and they scattered. Pretty sure it was Carlos. He always sat next to me on the bus even if there were empty seats. Once shoved his DS in my face and laughed. Never directly spoke to me.
  4. Guy on the schoolbus
    The girl sitting behind me tapped my shoulder and pointed to the guy sitting across from her in the other row. She said, "He wants your phone number." I didn't know him at all. Wasn't even sure which stop was his. He never looked up at me, only down at his phone, and didn't say anything. I told the girl no.
  5. Guy with weird pick up line
    Walked into my high school when a guy I've never seen before comes up to me. He motioned with his arms like he was turning a crank and said with a sort of fake swagger, "Hey girl, can I buy you a draaaaank?" Confused, I replied, "what?" He repeated it and I said no thanks. Sheepishly defeated, he said alright and walked away. This is one of my most regrettable moments. He was cute.
  6. Someone in my IB class who took Spanish 3rd period our junior year
    I've since discovered who this was! A couple of other classmates made hints that there was someone interested and I figured out all but the culprit. I recently demanded to know his identity from one of those classmates and she told me. Apparently, he was going to ask me to prom before getting arranged with someone else. I barely spoke to him, but I would've said yes.
  7. Polite athlete
    First day of college, walking down an empty hall near a gym when a guy comes around the corner. Walking past me, he smiles and goes, "Hey, how are you?" I reply, "Good how are you?" Just normal, polite Southern talk until he says, "Just fine, pretty lady," and I never see him again. Still think about him a lot.
  8. Guy who held the door open for me
    It wasn't like I was approaching the door from afar and he stood there and waited, but it was more like we were entering and leaving the campus Starbucks at the exact same time. So we were right next to each other in the middle of the door frame as I passed him. He was tall, so I looked up at him to say thanks. He was disarmingly handsome, so I smiled too. He smiled back. Maybe he was also just being polite, but I think we had something.
  9. Ben
    Seemed nice enough so I gave him my number. Had very boring text and real life conversations so I tried to distance myself but he kept on pushing. Kept "running into me" on campus and I saw him repeatedly sitting around outside buildings where I had class. Realized I gave him too much personal information when he showed up at our restaurant by himself even though he lives over an hour away. Haven't seen him since the semester ended/ a nightmare I had a few months ago.